Due to a sudden outburst of drawing requests in my inbox… here’s a sketch of a happy max with his new volume of Angel Sanctuary; which was a treat from his ever so badass mum, Maryse. 

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Beautiful, really sad alternate cover for Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Jean



A while ago, I was discussing the “dirty sexy alley scene” from City of Fallen Angels with Cassandra Jean.

Her: What’s the DSAS?

Me: Many years ago in the Shadowhunter fandom, someone dubbed the scene in COFA “the dirty sexy alley scene.” Then they all started getting monikers like that — Dirty Sexy Bedroom Scene, Dirty Sexy Club Scene, etc. At the moment they are:

DSAS: the alley scene from CoFA
DSBS: Tessa and Jem in the bedroom from Clockwork Prince
DSCS: Jace and Clary in the club in Lost Souls
DSDS: Will and Tessa together in the dungeon/cell in Princess
DSES: Clary and Jace in an “E” place that is as yet unidentified but apparently underwater. :)
It seems to be one per book, since there’s no Dirty Sexy Balcony scene for Will and Tessa, or Bedroom Scenes for Simon and Izzy or Maia and Jordan or Alec and Magnus. I don’t know why, though!”
So Cassandra Jean kindly offered to draw them. Who am I to say no? So have a little Sexy Club Scene from Lost Souls.



Hi, Cass!!! I’m very excited about tda. Will there be any lgbt couples in that series? :)

There is a trans* character in TDA; there is a relationship between a lesbian woman and a bisexual woman, and also two bisexual male characters. There is also a gay male character.
Not all of them have romances (romance isn’t always part of a character arc and there are straight characters who don’t have romances either) but there are definitely some!

Schedule of books


Hey cass! First of all, i love your books and i can’t wait for city of heavenly fire to come out! My question is: what is the exact scheme of all your books and when are they coming out (if they are not yet) Ily ♥ — ipeedsohardihadtolaugh

Hey! A lot of my books are not scheduled yet as I’m still…


More tarot cards from Cassandra Jean’s complete Shadowhunter TarotWe’ve moved on from the Major Arcana to the minor Arcana — the suit of Blades, replacing the Swords in the original deck. This bit is sort of a rogue’s gallery since this section of the Swords suit is pretty depressing. The five of blades, representing the dangers of ambition: Axel Mortmain, the eight of swords, representing feeling trapped, usually features a blindfolded and bound woman: here’s it’s Jessamine Lovelace. The devastating Ten of Swords is Hodge Starkweather, pierced through with seraph blades. The seven of swords can indicate “someone behaving with less than ethical intentions”, so — Nate Gray.



Sketch of Anna Lightwood from The Last Hours (to be written by cassandraclare)

Anna from the Last Hours.